We get questions about this frequently, and keeping your recipes secure on ReciPal is something we take seriously. To be perfectly honest, stealing your recipe is probably the worst way for a criminal to get rich or a competitor to succeed, but we still take several precautions:

  • Keeping our code up to date with the latest security updates.
  • Using SSL encryption site-wide.
  • Not storing passwords in plain-text so that even if our database was compromised your account would still not be accessible.
  • Restricting access to your recipes and ingredients to only your account.

Unfortunately, most security breaches happen in much simpler ways - picking a bad password or using the same password on several websites, leaving your account open on a public computer, clicking links in phishy emails, and so on. So, make sure you are taking care of your end of the bargain if you're concerned with security.

Lastly, as someone who's started a food business, I want to remind you that your recipe is one of the least valuable parts of your food business, especially for a relatively (or completely) unproven business. Sure, your recipe is great, but there are millions of fantastic recipes (courtesy of famous chefs like Bobby Flay, Morimoto, etc.) available on food blogs, and they might even have more market validation than yours via hundreds of comments and ratings. What really matters for your business is your marketing, branding, distribution, production, sourcing, team, culture, and customers. Remember, your recipe doesn't even have preparation instructions on ReciPal. So relax, know we take the security of your recipe seriously, and free yourself to focus on all the other things you have going on as a food entrepreneur!