While we don't handle the physical label printing, you have a few options and things to think about. We outline them in some detail with lots of resources, pros, cons, and advice in our blog post on printing your nutrition labels and go over them briefly below.

Local or Online Print Shop

First, you can send your label design to a local or online print shop that will print your labels and send them to you. For smaller companies, that's probably the easiest option especially when you're still figuring out how to handle your labels, although may be more expensive on a per unit basis.

Use Your Home Printer

You can print them on your regular home printer using Avery templates, although this can wind up being expensive in the long run and not as professional. If you're just starting out though, this is a great and simple option. Lots of customers do this while they're starting out.

Buy a Label Printer

You can also buy a label printer to print your own labels. We've partnered with a great company called QuickLabel Systems that sells high quality label printers specifically for food businesses. For smaller runs, you can save a lot of money and gain a ton of flexibility as you finalize your label design by printing in-house.

For a more inexpensive option, you can explore a thermal printer from Rollo. We've had many customers have a good experience printing their ReciPal labels with a Rollo printer.