There are a number of options for label formats, and ReciPal has templates for the ones that cover most circumstances. You can select formats on the label page of your recipe from the Label Type dropdown menu right above the label itself. You can also find some additional options on the left hand side of the label under the green menu buttons.

The standard format is the vertical label, but, depending on the amount of space available for labeling on your packaging as well as the actual nutrition facts of your product, you may be able to use a different label. We'll summarize here, and a more detailed explanation can be found on our blog.

Always start with the vertical. The tabular label can be used if your packaging has less than 40 square inches available for labeling and the vertical doesn't work. The linear label can always be used if your packaging has less than 12 square inches available for labeling; you can also use it if you have less than 40 square inches and can't fit a vertical or tabular label.

A simplified label is an option if your product has enough nutrients with values of zero grams. If your label qualifies, you'll see that as a choice under the Optional Nutrients menu.

You have access to details on all these options and more are in the notes (denoted by the "i" icon) when you create a recipe and label.