ReciPal is what's called database nutrition software. What that means is we have a database of ingredients with nutrition information associated with each ingredient, and you can combine them to calculate out the nutrition of your various recipes.

Recipe Details

With those ingredients (or ones you add to the database yourself), you set up your recipes by adding each of your ingredients, setting their amounts, and how much you get out of the recipe.

Nutrition Label

The nutrition is calculated per serving based on that recipe and what you define as a serving. Then the label is formatted based on those nutrition results and the appropriate formatting rules (fonts, spacing, rounding rules, nutrients, text, etc.). Here's our sample label you can tinker with and download in various formats.

Download and Print

You can format this label on ReciPal and then download it as a PDF or JPG file, which you can edit further, combine with other artwork (barcodes, logos, etc.) and print however you'd like.

Further Reading :)

That's a pretty high level summary, but you can read about how to accurately create a label in much more detail here.