ReciPal offers a few different upgrade options once you go beyond the free trial.

Pay as You Go

If you only have a few recipes, you might want to consider the $29 per recipe pay-as-you-go option. It's $29 for each additional recipe you need to set up, and that's it!


If you have more than a few recipes, or don't want the hassle of buying more recipes all the time, you can choose one of the unlimited monthly subscriptions. They start at $59/month. You can find all the do-it-yourself nutrition labeling pricing here. All the subscriptions are no commitment, and you can cancel any time from your Account Settings page.

Hire an Expert

We also have a few nutrition label services we offer where you can hire one of our experts. We offer label reviews of what you've done in ReciPal, reviews of your full packaging, our full labeling service where we do your nutrition analysis and set up your label in ReciPal for you, and also a lab nutrition analysis.

Inventory Management

Lastly, we have our inventory management software for tracking inventory, production, and lot tracing, which starts at $50/month for subscriptions. You can add unlimited nutrition labeling to any of those plans for $39/month more.

Annual Plans

If you're interested in a discounted annual plan instead, contact us and we'll set it up for you.