If you do your own nutrition analysis and set up your own label on ReciPal, you have the option to have a ReciPal expert review your label for you. We've reviewed thousands of labels at this point, so you know you're in good hands. And it's only $40.

This is more affordable than having us do the whole process but will still give you the confidence that you've done everything right and that your labels are compliant.

What We Review

We'll do a high level sense check of your nutrition values based on your recipe and ingredient data quality, review your ingredient statement, allergens, net weight and yield, and serving size, providing you a detailed report of what you need to correct.

We don't make any actual changes to the label for you, since some of the feedback is subjective, and up to you whether to change it or not. 

You can also try a more DIY review, as detailed here.

Full Label Review

You can also have your full label/package reviewed if you've set something up outside of ReciPal or need both the front and back label reviewed. This service is $150/hr and usually takes 1-2 hours.

You send us a label that's already made outside of ReciPal or a final label that combines your ReciPal label with other elements like marketing materials and a front label, and we'll send you comments on things like the required elements, placement, font sizes, claims, and more. If you have specific questions on elements you're concerned about, send those as well and we'll review them.