The best way to get acquainted with our Inventory Manager is to check out the demo video on our inventory homepage, but here's a quick written overview too :)

After signing up for Inventory Management, the first thing you will want to do is set up your recipes (or update them if you've already been using ReciPal).

Ingredients in the recipes become your Raw Materials and the recipes themselves become your Finished Goods.

Add Preparation Instructions on each recipe's Edit page, (these will print on the Batch Logs to help make production run smoother), and enter the case and pallet counts, which will come in handy when scheduling and planning production runs.

Then, set your starting inventory levels by clicking on Raw Materials and Finished Goods from the Inventory Dashboard. All inventory transactions are tracked to keep a perpetual log of inventory as you receive inventory, do production runs, and ship out finished products. 

From there you can do production planning, create production runs to automatically update your inventory and do lot tracing, and more.