ReciPal is what is called database nutrition software. You enter your recipe, it calculates the nutrition, and then formats it into an FDA compliant nutrition label. That means it follows the stipulated formats, has the right nutrients and language, follows the rounding rules, and so on.

There is no such thing as being "FDA approved" for a nutrition label or software. The FDA doesn't approve individual labels, software, or labs. If someone tells you they are FDA approved, you might want to consider running the other way!

Database analysis is a perfectly acceptable method for nutritional analysis and is often more accurate than a lab analysis. According to the FDA: "FDA has not stated how a company should determine the nutrient content of their product for labeling purposes. Therefore, there is no prohibition from using "average" values for its product derived from databases."

You can of course always do a lab analysis (and we recommend that for certain products). If you want that service, we offer it on our Hire an Expert page.