ReciPal has nutrition label formats for Canada!

New Format (published 2016)

We currently have the new vertical and new linear formats from the rules published in 2016. You'll find them in the Label Type dropdown menu as "Canadian New" at the bottom of the list. These should cover most uses cases, but we'll be working on other new Canadian formats as well, so stay tuned for updates on that!

Old Format

We also offer the old version, which is good through 2021, for the "Vertical (default)" as well as the Linear label formats (it's an option under our 'Label Style' menu when looking at your recipe's label on ReciPal, see image below).

US vs Canada formats

The label styles are actually very similar between the US and Canada, but they are not interchangeable and shouldn't be used across borders. Canada requires both French and English to be displayed in most cases, has a few more allergen requirements, and different preferences on the ingredient statement. Canada also requires all packaged goods to have nutrition labels, unlike the exemptions the US allows. For more details and differences between the label styles see our post on Canadian nutrition labels.